Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miss Universe 2010 - Happy Holidays video clips

Miss Universe 2010 - Happy Holidays video clips
It’s that time of season for spreading Christmas Cheer,
and I hope that my sisters will join for all to hear.
So I’m off to ride with Bella on my sleigh….
Happy Holiday
I came here to New York from the heart of Mexico,
and I love to wear swimsuits but they don’t work in the snow,
But my sash and crown will keep the cold away…
Happy Holiday
¿Qué honda Rima?
Born in Lebanon, Raised in Queens
Then I moved to Michigan to spend most of my teens…
Now I’m back in the city, queen of the states
My game’s gone global, I got all kinds of dates.
From the pyramids of egypt to the hills of LA,
Slayin’ these verses, It’s Miss USA!
So deck your halls, ’cause i’m here to say
It’s Rima signing off, Happy Holiday.
So we’re dancing, and singing, this holiday song
We’ve been working overtime, to help it move along
So we sing from the bottom of our hearts!
Happy Holidays!

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